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Thurgood Custom Homes has created this Internet site and the related Internet sites for Thurgood Custom Home communities solely for informational purposes in order to better inform users about Thurgood Homes. When reviewing the information on the Thurgood Homes Internet site, please keep in mind the following:

Thurgood Custom Homes reserves the right to change any information on our Internet sites without prior notice. Thurgood Custom Homes Internet site may not contain complete information about a Thurgood Custom Home community or property or the amenities offered at that community. While we will make reasonable attempts to provide current information on our Internet sites, we are unable to represent or warrant the accuracy of any information contained on our Internet sites.

The information contained on Thurgood Custom Homes Internet site is not intended to be an offering to residents in any jurisdiction where prior registration is required, and further information will not be provided to residents of such jurisdictions.

This site and other Thurgood Custom Homes-related sites may contain links to other Internet sites that are not affiliated with Thurgood Custom Homes. Thurgood Custom Homes makes no representations or warranties about the information, products and services that may appear on such other sites and has not endorsed or approved such products and services. Linking to the Thurgood Custom Homes-related sites or framing any portions of the Thurgood Custom Homes-related sites without our prior written permission is strictly prohibited.

The contents and distinctive and original presentation of, including all text and images, is copyrighted. Use of this Internet site for any commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. Many of the marks, including, without limitation, the Thurgood Custom Homes mark and Thurgood Estates mark are a protected trademark. Any person engaging in the unauthorized use of such marks shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed by law.
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